Pre Registration is now closed

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You can still spot register. However, do keep in mind we have limited kits available for spot registrants. We have already crossed 600 registrations, so spot registration is not guaranteed.

If you have transferred money but did not bother to register – you will also be treated as spot registrants.

Certificates can be taken whenever you wish, but CME credit hours will be given for sessions attended. 75% attendance on a day counts as full credit hours on that day. Feedback form has to be submitted at time of taking certificate.

Certificates and Badges have been printed. Change of name is not possible now.

Refund of money is not possible now, as arrangements have been made. Those who have applied for refund will get the amount by NEFT within a week or after the event is over.

Last date to register is TODAY

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Today (15.09.19 till 10pm) is the last day to register. Or cancel. If you have sent money but not received confirmation email with your registration number, you are NOT registered.

From 16.09.19 onwards, we will no longer accept online money transfers. You will have to spot register.

Register also!

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Surprisingly, some persons have transferred money to our account but NOT registered! Remember, you NEED TO REGISTER as we have no way of knowing who has sent the amount.
It is likely that money was transferred and they are still waiting for permission to attend the Surgery Update. You can always ask for refund! In any case, we will not be transferring the money back unless you have registered first.

List of registered delegates

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The list of registered delegates, who have registered till 01 Aug 2019 is available here. The list is sorted alphabetically according to First name.

If your name is not on this list, you are NOT registered, and need to contact us. Delegates should make arrangements for their stay and travel well in advance, to avoid late increase in rates. We will not be recommending any particular accommodation; online apps make selection of appropriate accommodation easy.

Email sent to all delegates who have registered till now

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Emails have been sent to all delegates whose registration has been received till now. The confirmation email will contain your registration number, which is required at time of reporting to the event.
Two delegates have not confirmed their UTR / UPI number hence their registration is pending. They are required to confirm before 15 July, else be ready to register at prevailing rate.
Many delegates have transferred amount to our account but have NOT registered! Kindly register at the earliest if you wish to avail early bird rate!

Problems with online form submission – fixed

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The issue with form submission has been fixed now. If you did not receive an automated reply email earlier, please register again.

My apologies to all those who are unable to submit the online registration form. There has been some action taken by the Hosting Provider, which has broken this facility. We are working to find a solution. In the interim, you can use the print registration form and email it to

Delegates who make payment by 30th June will get benefit of Early Bird offer (INR 5000/- for registration) even if their registration reaches us later. Delegates who have transferred the amount should not worry regarding validity of the early bird offer.

Kindly give us time to process your forms! Contact us by email if you do not receive a reply till a week after form submission.

Register for the SurgiQuiz

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Once your registration is confirmed, you can register for the SurgiQuiz online.

Two members per team, both should be in their junior residency. A preliminary MCQ round will be held on 24th September (tentative). The top 6 teams will be announced by 26th September. Final round will be on stage, and the top 3 teams will win handsome cash prizes, apart from certificate. Audience questions are included – all have a chance to win! Registration for the quiz will close on 24 September by Lunch time.